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Something with loads of goodness, or if something that is acheived via a lot of skillage
That's pure ponage dude, yea i know
by Ben Collier January 02, 2005
total awesomeness; the act of being powned. being owned (in the way of a sport) by someone else.
(Dude 1 makes a field goal) Dude 1:"Ohhh ponage!"
by ryan543 June 30, 2008
something that is super cool or amazing or totally sweet. it can also mean winning.
-that soad is ponage
-i just poned you!
by -km April 09, 2006
A way to pronounce "pwnage".
That was total ponage.
by spel itt rite August 03, 2006
The act of dropping a males testicles on another man in an up and down motion showing victory, humiliation, or superiority.
Tony committed major ponage after beating Ray at Modern Warfare 2.
by GusIZgay51 December 21, 2010
slang term used to describe feminine hygeine products, particularly tampons
We couldn't afford to buy ponage, so we had to steel some.
by kaylabayla April 18, 2006
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