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Italian city around the bay of Naples that got totally pwn3d by mount vesuvius around 72AD. Neighbouring herculaneum and soem other place got destroyed too. The volcano erupts every two millenia, which means that it'll destroy the three million residents of pompeii and surrounding areas this century. Somehow, I get the feeling nobody cares.
pompeii pwnz0r'D!
by Gumba Gumba June 02, 2004
when a black man with extremely dry skin is having his sphincer licked when suddenly he expels thunderous flatulence that vibrates with such intensity that a cluster of ashy skin plows into the face of the partner enshrouding her in noxious gas and seemingly pyroclastic flow
I was eatin' his ass and and that motherfucker pompeiied my grill!
by grokyourballz July 13, 2009
farting after having anal sex and the seaman erupts out of the butt hole
spencer pompeii'd all over Reed's face
via giphy
by Chad wensworth November 06, 2015
1, a town that got covered in ash and everyone died. 2, a really stupid song by the band Bastille.
person 1 "in history class we're learning about Pompeii"
Person 2: "no way! Isnt that a song by Bastille?"
by Defffinitionnqueeen November 23, 2014
When a number of men, at least over 10, stand around a girl and simultaneously cum on her. Normally accompanied with the shouting of "Boom!"
"Dude don't talk to her,I heard she was part of one crazy Pompeii last week."
by MattyMurr March 03, 2008
another term for sex.
hey, you and me pompeii tonight.
by mikev May 25, 2006

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