Large, floating circle with circular limbs. Has a great wit, is strong, and once got in a knife fight with Coach Z.
Caoch Z
Pom Pom! What is up my main man! My dawg! My ace-in-the-hole!
-Homestar Runner
by Zach G. October 26, 2003
pom pom is a character in

his head.arms.and legs are orange has no mouth speaks in bubble language and wears tripes on him and has a cell phone
here is the isle of pom.
on it,lives the poms.
pom pom is the best pom.
he loves his mom and dad.
he is very patriotic.
he feeds his dog everyday.
he treats his neighboors with respect.
he doesnt play with matches.
we all love pom pom too.
by John Fru November 23, 2003
A drink consisting of:
1 part vodka
1 part pomagranate concentrate
3 parts sparkling apple cider
Name derives from pomagranate and the latin root for apple (pome). Drink created by Doug and Susan Drake, Portland, Oregon.
Barkeep, give me another cheerleader special - yes, a Pompom!
by Susan Drake January 03, 2008
Female pubic hair. When the pubic region is trimmed around the top and shaven on the sides, leaving the top fully grown. This causes a puffy like ball of hair just atop the female opening.
"She wasn’t totally clean shaven, and it wasn’t quite like a landing strip. It was more like a little POM POM of pubic hair sitting above my target area."
by justin price January 16, 2007
He's a big orange bubble with a yellow stripe on his tummy. His arms, legs, and head are orange ovals.
He talks like bubble noises, and nice, intelliagent, has a lot of friends!
by Jeff November 04, 2003
Homestar Runner's best friend; a giant orange ball that wears skin-tight yellow clothes. When he talks, he sounds like someone blowing a staw into a glass of milk.
"Seriously, Pom-Pom, I'm about to pee my pants."
by Anthony Volpe April 16, 2003
The ball of fringed wool on top of your toque
Looks like your toque lost it's pompom eh.
by Cool Blue North November 21, 2004
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