An orange ball with 4 limbs. It moves by bouncing on it's two bottom legs.
That pom-pom is awsome!
by Anonymous March 21, 2003
pom pom is a character in

his head.arms.and legs are orange has no mouth speaks in bubble language and wears tripes on him and has a cell phone
this is the isle of pom.
on it,lives the poms.
pom pom os the best pom.
by John Fru November 23, 2003
A cute round orange ball that sound like popping bubbles when it talks... hes also Homestar runners best friend... He comes from the island of pom...
Bubble bubble...
by Sofia June 12, 2003
another way of saying fag, faggot, homosexicle, homo, or homosexual.
bro did you see that kid? he was such a flaming pom-pom
by blarfengaar blarfengaar July 24, 2010
The greatest person on and anyone who disagrees can meet me after school.
bubble bubble double bubble
by A follower October 18, 2003
A pom from the Isle of Pom. Has 27 girlfriends. A genius and friend of Homestar Runner.
:No example,just some bubbling noises:
by Homestar_fan June 23, 2003
A Pom from the Isle of Pom who loves his mom and dad and is very patriotic
Homestar Runner's main man
The most mackinest
One who dresses as Michael Moore for Halloween
Pom Pom and Strong Bad are totally going out.
by red dragon October 05, 2003

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