Well, after reading all the definitions of "politically correct," I think maybe it's time to provide the other point.
First of all, I think it's really fucking stupid when people put a wool in front of their eyes everytime they even smell "liberal agenda." ("all you fucking whiny pussie liberals want to do is be sensitive to all the freaks and minorities... blah blah blah") I think it's about fucking time everyone stops putting labels on everyone, because it automatically affects your reactions to their opinion. You should have an open mind no matter who's speaking.
I understand how initially people can think "political correctness" (which has come to be a bad name for it anyway) is pointless -- but you gotta see it's more of a subconscious thing. You may think it doesn't make a difference calling ourselves United States citizens instead of Americans, or the GLBT community instead of gays or homos, or American Indians instead of Indians, or women instead of girls (who are 18+) -- but IT DOES. Definitions and names directly affect the way you look at people. People don't try to promote language that reflects reality and promotes tolerance/respect because they want to keep their membership with NAACP and stick clever bumperstickers on their hybrid cars; they do it because they know that words and terms ARE important, and it's not just about offending someone (although that is part of it) The cycle of oppression starts with generalizations and stereotypes, believe it or not. I'm not saying that we can't "call Jamal a pervert" and instead have to say "he leads an acceptable alternative lifestyle" ... you know, if he's out screwing goats or something -- but that is hardly the same thing as me wanting to be called "Japanese" instead of "Oriental." The point is, this certain kind of language DOES have a point, and if you guys are too lazy to take an extra second to think about how you refer to people, than that's OK I guess -- but if you would, it really shows a person who cares about the issues at hand, and will make a small difference in speech as the first step.

~Reiko, 17, Minnesota
I am a legal citizen of the United States, that is true - but when I call myself American, it makes me feel separated and somewhat superior to my brothers and sisters in other countries. I'm just Reiko and I live here!

When I call a person a "handicap" it makes it seem as though that is what they are... rather than "a person with a disability" --> they are just a person like me, but you know, maybe their legs don't work. That doesn't matter to the rest of his/her person.

In a year when I am 18, I hope others will call me a woman and not a girl. Girls don't vote, girls don't have steady careers, girls don't raise families, girls don't live on their own and manage their own lives. And I really wish my male manager would stop calling me "hun," cause it really pisses me off.

When fashion mags call body-shapes "curvy" instead of "fat" -- I hope everyone can appreciate this as a step away from society's standard of emaciated females with eating disorders, and not as a "politically correct way to not offend fat chicks"
by Reiko January 08, 2006
(adj) conforming in words and actions to the dominant culture's morality; using unoffensive speech except toward those deemed acceptable to demonize.
He's a bigot because he isn't politically correct.
by Naidlery August 23, 2008
1. The practice of avoiding words or phrases that are associated with stereotypes and unsupported assumptions about groups of people, or that inadvertently reinforce them. See sexism, racism. 2. A term used by conservatives who want to complain when people complain about their sexist, racist or otherwise bigoted remarks, often with the suggestion that the offended person has no right to express their own opinion. See: dog whistle, see: free speech is a two way street.
1. We prefer the term "Native American" instead of "Indian" because it is both historically accurate and shows respect their much longer presence in this country.

2. Female executives are fine, except they all need a really good executive assistant one week a month. If you don't think that's funny, you are just being "politically correct."
by Henry V September 17, 2015
"Political Correctness is a doctrine, recently fostered by a delusional, illogical minority and promoted by a sick mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a piece of shit by the clean end!" - HS Truman
"Some of your remarks are fundamentally not politically correct!"
by john2 September 27, 2015
The politically correct way of saying someone is not racist, sexist, or just a big dick.
Idiot: Whit pepulz r better than errbody else

Me: Shut up you racist

Idiot: You p*ssy why are you trying to shove your politically correct agenda down my throat-

Me: No, I'm not, I'm just not a racist piece of crap.
by phanic at the disco June 08, 2016
Political correctness, works to anesthetize truth... balanced passion... and needful brashness so that such cannot be offensive to the sensitive challenged, thus words loose their potency in delivery and the sensitive challenged, the opportunity to mature. It is referred to Words and speech that are being used to disguise and not to illuminate. Orwell said, "The greater enemy of clear language is insincerity". Politeness has its place but Political Correct Language is induced to sculpt the thought process for a new societal behavior diabolically being prepared. Political Correctness is aimed at redefining the "offensive" and neutering it of its "offense" with the deceptive impetus of being sensitive to those that might otherwise be offended. Thus "illegal Alien" is now "undocumented Alien": no longer emphasizing the illegality of the Alien's presence but neutering the unlawfulness and crime-worthy status with the new label of being merely "undocumented". Engineered Political Correctness is simply Engineered generational brainwashing.
"Undocumented Alien" is the deceptive, Politically Correct new label of the Illegal Alien.
by Y'shurun September 12, 2015
Polite way of asking extremely rude, ignorant, nasty, uneducated people to shut their pieholes-as evidenced on this page alone.
Instead of being gutless pussies who can't find their words, most intelligent people inform the creeps that what they are saying is not "politically correct", rather than just saying STFU.
by CoEvolution August 06, 2016
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