Poky is a slang word for jail.
After the polis straightened him out they had him in the poky.
by Kelmanfan February 24, 2008
Top Definition
Female nipples being clearly and prominently visible through clothing. It is a common fetish of sports photographers, and men, who will often go as far as to offer to rub dry ice onto the chests of female tennis players, between sets.
NUDITY REPORT: Brunkhorst shows buns in a lengthy undressing scene. She also has a see-through after she vomits wine all over herself and has some pokies.
by jojodict December 16, 2005
in Australia, slang for Poker Machines. these are usually referred to in plural. they've edged out live music in many pubs across Australia and a lot of people wish they were confined to the Ari.
I wish they'd get rid of the Pokies down at the local so there was room for bands to play again...
by periwinkle January 10, 2005
Slang term used in Australia to refer to gambling slot machines.
Pokies can be found in many hotels and pubs in Australia.
by Wapt August 28, 2009
A metal object used to stir, unclog or scrape a pipe.
Originates from the Stoner community
Hey hand me that poky bro, this is some dank ass chronic resin!
by GabeezySmokesDank December 25, 2010
Short for Pocatello, Idaho. Used to refer to the city named after a Bannock indian chief. Also used to refer to Pocatello High School, located in the city of Pocatello.
1. I'm driving to Poky today to visit my friend.
2. We beat Poky in basketball last night.
by shadow2121 March 23, 2013
the pussy or vaginal area
your moms poky was very delicious last night hehe
by visalagan April 10, 2010
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