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3 definitions by jojodict

Female nipples being clearly and prominently visible through clothing. It is a common fetish of sports photographers, and men, who will often go as far as to offer to rub dry ice onto the chests of female tennis players, between sets.
NUDITY REPORT: Brunkhorst shows buns in a lengthy undressing scene. She also has a see-through after she vomits wine all over herself and has some pokies.
by jojodict December 16, 2005
156 18
Tits, or in polite company the organs present on the dextral and sinistral sides of the upper ventral region of the human female torso, which contain the milk glands.
don't even get me started on my bada boom booms
one left, one right, that's how I organize 'em
you know I fill my cups no need to supersize 'em
by jojodict October 26, 2005
19 1
A biological organism, especially a human being, becoming part of an electrical circuit. The word can be qualified with adjectives such as "terminal" (fatal), "unexpected" (accidental shock), "disruptive" (causing delays to the transport system),
Did you hear about the unexpectedly nonterminal expected biological circuit event in Texas? The prisoner was taken back to death row and they have not decided yet whether to try again or pardon her.
by jojodict October 26, 2005
5 8