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in Australian slang, nong is used as a pretty mild and/or endearing insult. a bit of a twit, or idiot. nothing too mean or horrid is meant by calling someone a nong.
hey mate, you put your trackie-daks on inside-out, ya silly nong!
by periwinkle January 12, 2005
trackie-daks are the bottom half of the tracksuit, not the whole. the whole tracksuit is the trackie; the pants are the trackie-daks. but Random's example is unsurpassable :)
they wouldn't let me into the Rissole wearing me trackie-daks and thongs.
by periwinkle January 10, 2005
in Australian slang -

1: wine. usually referring to cheap wine but not neccessarily.

2: to place something down on a surface (even one's bum).
1: do you reckon a couple of bottles of plonk will be enough for dinner?

2: hey, come'n plonk your bum down and watch the movie, darl.
by periwinkle January 13, 2005
in Australia, slang for Poker Machines. these are usually referred to in plural. they've edged out live music in many pubs across Australia and a lot of people wish they were confined to the Ari.
I wish they'd get rid of the Pokies down at the local so there was room for bands to play again...
by periwinkle January 10, 2005
Australian slang for an RSL - a Returned Soldiers League club. this is a place where people meet for cheap meals, drinks, entertainment, and to (unfortunately) play the Pokies. also known as an Ari.
they wouldn't let me into the Rissole wearing me trackie-daks, I had to go home and change.
by periwinkle January 10, 2005
in Australia, definitely a Poker Machine, but we rarely use the word 'Poker' to describe someone who uses (or abuses) a Pokie. nor do we say 'go for a poke' which sounds more like a sexual connotation over here ;) most often used in the plural, Pokies.
we went down to the Rissole to have a beer and play the Pokies for a while.
by periwinkle January 10, 2005
Australian slang: cheap wine, port, sherry or other fortified wine products. really, really cheap, and usually rough :)

the word is a corruption of the 'flagon' (very large glass bottle) such products were/are sold in. although you'd usually buy it in casks these days, flagons still exist especially for port and sherry.
arrrgh, mate, that goon we got our hands on last night really did some damage...
by periwinkle January 11, 2005
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