The 5-0, Cops.
"Run fo the pokie get you."
by Tha Bean December 03, 2003
Top Definition
a nipple that seeps through a shirt, t-shirt, dress, cloth. Generally most visible when nipples are hard, excited.
Did you check out what Britney Spears was wearing on Conan last night? You could see her pokies.
by yellow pimp October 03, 2004
A WestIndian word for pussy.
Da gyal pokie big!
by cooliebai August 11, 2003
Another word for prison, slammer
Yo B, don't get caught or we'll both be in da pokie
by I Big D Man January 10, 2008
Another word for a cigarette.
Ok, bubbies, i need a pokie and a refill, xoxo
by fccfu October 26, 2007
something used for packing down the contents of a joint.
(g) oh im just skinning up, you got something i can use as a pokie?

(si) yeah i dont have a clipper, but you can use this ikea pencil....

(g) nice one.
by Timian September 02, 2004
in Australia, definitely a Poker Machine, but we rarely use the word 'Poker' to describe someone who uses (or abuses) a Pokie. nor do we say 'go for a poke' which sounds more like a sexual connotation over here ;) most often used in the plural, Pokies.
we went down to the Rissole to have a beer and play the Pokies for a while.
by periwinkle January 10, 2005
thin cylindrical instrument used for compacting the ends of a joint the locking pin from a fire extinguisher makes the perfect pokie as it is the right size and has a key ring on it to add to your keys
hey man you got a pokie there? cant find my clipper!

ah yeah theres one one my keys.
by Shizzle-stick May 23, 2007
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