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Used by crazy people who can't pronounce "Pokemon".
POKEYMAN?! POKEYMAN?! With the pokey and the man and the thing with the guy that comes out and has a face and he HAGGKLAGEHNONA HAHAHAHAHAH.
by YesIAmAnIdiot July 02, 2006
What old people call "Pokemon"
Grandma: "Pokeyman? Is that a new superhero? I'll get you a Pokeyman comic book for Christmas, dear."
by Diarrhea Bubble Bath May 10, 2016
A web series where people describe a Pokemon and someone who doesn't know about Pokemon has to draw it.
No one draws Pokeymans worse than me!
by TheGuyWhoLicksMustard May 31, 2015

meaning: Cool, unstoppable creatures; lived in paleozoic era, wiped out by the power rangers in space
Look, its a bird, its a plane, its a pokeyman!
by crazycloyster November 12, 2003
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