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a school full of smart kids, mostly immigrants
me - "yo, you see the new brown kids at woburn."

my friend - "which one?"
by crazycloyster November 17, 2003
1. A stupid, fat, clumsey individual who has no cordination and no real intelligence: Benson Lo;

2. A 1337 robot from woburn C.I that rocked all who faced it in the Eastern Canada Robotics Competition.
1. "That oaf benson, he's burning something."
"That oaf benson, he's stealing something."
"That oaf benson, he's......doing something!"

2. "The oaf.... it owns.....period."
by crazycloyster November 16, 2003
A cool new game by nintendo but the name is still spelled wrong. Also, the character selection is limited and pikachu is not included. The AI of this game is also very slow and not very hard to beat.
I love mario kart: Double Dash!
by crazycloyster January 03, 2004
a crazy powerful pokemon that was invented by crazycloyster when he took over the world
Look at crazycloyster's amasing curselax
by crazycloyster November 12, 2003

meaning: Cool, unstoppable creatures; lived in paleozoic era, wiped out by the power rangers in space
Look, its a bird, its a plane, its a pokeyman!
by crazycloyster November 12, 2003
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