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The French expression à poil refers to body hair - when you are à poil, you're wearing nothing but your own hair. It's equivalent to the English expression "in one's birthday suit," and can be used as an adjective or as a command in numerous expressions:

être à poil (to be stark naked)

se baigner à poil (to go skinny-dipping)

se mettre à poil (to strip down to one's birthday suit)

un mec / une fille à poil (a naked guy / girl)

À poil ! (Take 'em off!)

N'ouvre pas la porte - je suis à poil !

Don't open the door - I'm completely naked!]
by ReaLarcin November 07, 2009
word used in order to create an awkward silence
*awkward silence*
by neo October 19, 2003
1. word shouted in a class to entertain people, and help them to undergo long hours of boring teachers. Unfortunalty, often awake them.

2. means "hair" in french
1. - "POIL !!!" - "Tain t'es con t'as réveillé Bourrin, et CI il fait une drôle de tête..."

2. Oh, I just loose in baby-foot game ! Damn, I shouldn't have bet to cut me the "poils"...
by TV Gadget (2005) December 13, 2005
one of those big green elephants that comes in my dreams
it makes you feel sad
by ur mum April 10, 2003
cancer treating pill usually snorted thru a momo tube by a black/minority with a mitsubishi and html skillz, most poil users have mystery dads.
let's go bust a poil, money.
by josh August 10, 2003
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