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one's bare skin (from the fact that a person would not have any clothes on the minute they were born)
I found it embarrassing for them to see me in my birthday suit.
by Light Joker July 14, 2005
Nude; not an inch of clothing on your body(We were born naked)
" For her anniversary, Mrs. Smith got into her birthday suit for Mr. Smith."
by Ashanda February 01, 2007
When you have nothing on. Completely naked.
The night I got back from my tour of duty, my lady put on her birthday suit.
by jimmyjump December 28, 2010
means naked, nude
Background from Atlanta, USA
'I won't stop until I get them in their birthday suits'(Ludacris)
by Senasu March 24, 2005
ill strut in my birthday suit, and let everything hang loose
by dotdotdash April 15, 2011
having no clothes or covering garments upon ones body; nude
I got really drunk and ran around in my birthday suit!
by D. Willy April 24, 2003
A suit that looks like you're naked, and look like you were a baby.
You just captured me wearing a birthday suit!
by TheUserwithnoname2 June 18, 2013

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