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mistaken for a bunch of troubled metal head teenagers who are obsessed with death and suicide. this is totally wrong and is just some stupid steriotype given to them by dumbasses such as townies. goths are normally just normal people who like to dress in their own kind of style, rather than the mundane crap we see everyday. goths are quite confident and are never afraid to laugh at themselves. goths normally have a open mind to alot of things instead of being closed mind twats who wont try anything else but what every1 else is doing
1) more unique than most... but not totally individual as thats impossible
by ur mum November 07, 2004
your friends, homies etc
yo sup bredrin
by ur mum October 05, 2003
whats going on
wots gwarnin blood!
by ur mum September 29, 2003
A move performed by Siloo while pretending to be a wrestler. Other words include "Dho" which can also be spelt "Doh"
"it's the siloo stunner *thumbs up* *grabs head*" "DOOOOOHHH"
by Ur mum September 06, 2003
it means jipo
oi u jipnut
by ur mum September 29, 2003
a boy/gurl that is really gud looking
billie: 'c dat boi'
becky: 'yer hes BUM'
by ur mum September 16, 2003
one of those big green elephants that comes in my dreams
it makes you feel sad
by ur mum April 10, 2003
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