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the stage after wheeling, but before dating.
Bob: sick poddles man!

Garfunkle: thanks broho
by the awesome possum April 17, 2011
A slang term derived from pot hole. It is used to describe a person who never pays attention in bed. This "person" will most likely consider sandwiches to be orgasmic. If you're looking for a way to simulate a poddle, try a whale.
Dumbass: dude! pay attention while i'm tlaking to you!!!

Dumbass: Poddle?

Dumbass: poddle?

Dumbass: Not again!!!
by Dumbass July 16, 2003
slang: name of podlet
hello there poddles?
by mong March 03, 2005
The person up here was surely on crack...

A poodle is a hell beastling, shit maker, unstandable source of noise. Worthy to skin them alive.
I actually take pride of kicking motherfucking annoying poodles. I don't kick any other kind of puppies.
by Lord Cthulhu September 12, 2003

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