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4 definitions by mong

slang: name of podlet
hello there poddles?
by mong March 03, 2005
A bunch of smarmy cunts who all think they are better than eachother.
In reality, it's all about dec.
fuck you very much.
Lose all respect on the 'noiseboard'.
by mong August 12, 2003
Originally used in veiled reference to the Coolest Guy on Earth; just as in Jewish scriptures, it is forbidden to reveal the true name of such an omnipotent deity.

Common usage is now to denote an individual whom one believes to be a thin shadow of the true Mong, a small fragment of the greatest being in existence. It is an extreme honor and privilege to be awarded this title; only the best and bravest in any given culture will ever recieve it.

Only Mong could complete such a task.
by MONG April 28, 2004
greatest guy in the world.
there's another mong, i want to be just like him!!
by mong November 08, 2003