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To unknowingly call someone from your cellular phone, while it is your pocket, purse, or manbag.
"Last night while i was checking out this hot bitch, i accidentally pocket-called my wife and now i have nowhere to live. Can I borrow five bucks?"
by Justin Gilreath February 26, 2006

1. The act of accidentially phoning someone from a mobile phone. Generally when the phone is in your pocket.
Dude, you gotta take your phone out of your pants when you're gettin' it on, you pocket called me. Oh, why did she call you "nasty butler?"
by rayagan August 05, 2005
That's what you get when your name starts with "A"
A pocket call is when your house phone rings at a random hour, and you answer your phone and hear all your friends talking in the background. You realize the phone call was unintentional.
by Smellen333 March 06, 2009
When you re-dial the last number called on your cell phone because the send button got pressed in your pants pocket (or purse).

Freind 1: Hey I just got a pocket-call from Jim. He and Mary were talking about how awful your potato salad was this afternoon.

Friend 2: Really? I'm gonna text Jim and tell him his wife dresses like a skank.
by bronx bandit April 15, 2009
When you forget to lock the keys on your cellphone and it phones someone... usually the most inappropriate person at the most inopportune time.
I got in SO much trouble last night. I was chatting up this girl in a bar and my phone pocket called my wife!
by Mike Hind September 19, 2008
a phone that is in a pocket accidentally, due to pressure on the pant leg, dials and calls a number or contact accidentally
*Ring Ring Ring
James: Hello, Bob! (Silence) You there?
Betty: (to James) who was that?
James: That was Bob. He must have pocket called me.
by DJ MiXup November 18, 2009
You have met two requirements: first, you have numbers on speed dial; second, you leave your cellphone in your pocket. Now every time you bend a certain way, you call one of your friends accidentally.
Thrip: That's three times today Chris has called me speaking static so strong he's like eating a potato chip sandwich. What's with him?

Sandle: They must be pocket calls.
by AgTip September 18, 2009
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