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1. The act of accidentially phoning someone from a mobile phone. Generally when the phone is in your pocket.
Dude, you gotta take your phone out of your pants when you're gettin' it on, you pocket called me. Oh, why did she call you "nasty butler?"
by rayagan August 05, 2005
(n.) A girl that is hot from behind, but not from the front.
She's a total bakku-shan, but that's okay, I'm only going to see her from behind.
#hot #girl #behind #front #japanese
by rayagan September 26, 2005
(n.) 1. A self-absorbed female, who lives to go to parties, and hump football players, while her parents think she is attending college.
Yeah, I remember that party princess, her parents finally cut her off, I think she's doing porn now.
by rayagan June 02, 2005
A CA plate is a tattoo above a chick's butt.

CA for California, where these tattoos are very common.

Plate, short for license plate.

Also known as: CA Plate.
I was checking out her CA plate so long, I ran right into a pole.
by rayagan January 19, 2005
(n.) 1. A derivative of sleazy and slut.

2. A person who have both the propensity to being sleazy and a slut.
That sleazut humped the whole football team.
by rayagan June 02, 2005
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