Piece of crap
My car broke down last week, It's such a poc
by nathan January 20, 2004
Stands for Poop On Chest.
I wrote POC in that guy's yearbook.
by pyrome September 22, 2006
POC = Piece of cunt, degrading term for a female. Usually used by another female to speak badly about one of her freinds who did something to them on a previous occasion.
I am not talking to that poc ever again.
by Joejeng December 11, 2006
POC is synonymous with 'Crap'; POC literally standing for Piece Of Crap.

The word is usually used in the phrase "Piece of POC". "Piece of..." can be repeated for added effect, though it is usually contracted to "piece'a Poc."
"Oooh, did you see High School Musical?" Lewis said.
"HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL! Piece of Poc!" exclaimed Jon, horrified.
"What about High School Musical 2?" Lewis asked cautiously.
"AHHH!! What a piece'a piece'a piece of Poc."

"So what were you doing last night?" James enquired.
"Yo' mama, and she was a Poc." Liam replied.
by ShattyFatmas September 12, 2007
POC related to P.O.C.(Point of Contention)basically means scoring, hittin and dating. To score someone is like saying to poc someone
Did you know that R is poccing V?
by TLOre November 25, 2006
Person of color, or a modern way of saying "colored person" without pissing tumblr off.
"She is a POC so she's incapable of racism."
by A Lumberjack December 06, 2014

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