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Some one who steals a girlfriend or girlfriend to be.
Alex poached Gregs chick and as a result they both got no action for the weekend.
by D. Rat May 14, 2005
A man who attempts to steal away a girl that is actively being pursued by someone else.
Last night I was talking to this girl for a while but out of nowhere this poacher swooped in and took her away from me.
by Mr. Filter November 23, 2009
Somebody who kills the fuck out of a joke. Nobody likes them, and so just insult them by calling them a poacher.
Ben: Wanna hear a joke?
Daniel: What?
Ben: Women's rights!
Daniel: ahaha
Aria: Lol, it's funny because women are ugly!

Ben: Stop being a dirty poacher.
by lolnosozlol December 29, 2011
When a lousy dip-shit cannot achieve something on their own, they stand near someone else and steal their opportunities.
That guy is a poacher he is camping around in a game of CTF.
by PurpleAngry July 27, 2009
n. -a younger male who is deliberately on the hunt for a cougar. The term can also be used as an insult for a young man who seeks out a relationship with an older woman (cougar) to fill a motherly void.
1. "Dude, that guy has not dated someone born in the same decade as him. What a poacher."

2. "That guy can get weaned off the teat man. Always looking for security with the cougars. What a poacher."
by Sahhardcore January 08, 2010
A young man who pursues older women.
Poachers pray on the older & weaker animals.
Opposite of a `cougar`
by Elliemaeee December 22, 2011
A younger man who actively pursues older women (i.e. "cougars").
A true poacher, Dave knew the best spots to find the most receptive cougars.
by VeronicaSmythe January 25, 2008
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