Used as part of a sigh when something is unfortunate or worthy of despair.
Jesse: Sucker! That's checkmate!
Eric: Awww....plumpy.
by Darren April 18, 2003
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Semi-humorous term for breasts generally women's.
May I fondle your plumpies please, madam?
by howard alan treesong May 16, 2003
the fucking douche bag in the game candyland. when you draw his card, you get stuck back at the begining of the game. he lives in a plum tree. which of couse, isn't candy, so that is why everyone hates him.
your mom has oral sex with plumpy.
by Ryan Howard March 04, 2007
A pet name for a lover or close friend. Particularly used for friends or lovers of some considerable size or girth.
Aww! I love you, Plumpy!
by Josh Knight April 20, 2006
to recive oral sex (generally fellatio) while taking a shit on the throne.
"give me plumpy"
by blingbling September 17, 2003

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