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Military base "convenience store." Short for Post Exchange.
"Military 7-Eleven"
by Shelliii January 18, 2004
94 12
One Of the G Hoods in MTL (Montreal). Ghetto area with thugs and homies.
Thug: Yo I represent StL
P-X NiggaH: Yo Fuck that shit. Representin P-X. Don't mess homie.
by 40calpX September 04, 2006
32 8
Px : means Parc Extension a small town "brown ghetto"
meaning its largely populated by Pakistani's, Indians, Sri Lankan's and Bengali's. Its the best place to get high. Its in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
Px for Life!! ^^^
Guy 1 : You going Upt? ( Uptown = Plamondon )
Guy 2 : Nah im going to Px
by baybee101 December 13, 2009
17 20
A generic descriptor for 'hollywood disorder'.

This can include a single disorder or multiple concomittant disorders ultimately leading the ailed person in question to:

1) Move to and maintain a life in close proximity to celebrities in southern california.

2) Fantasize themselves to actually be a close personal friends of the people they live nearby.
_pX_> "Hey I just went out with Jay Leno and DMX last night. We were four wheeling on Rodeo Dr."

_Psychiatrist_> "You're Px'ing again. Lets stay on track."

_pX_> "Oh my god. I meant my brother and the guy from 7-11. Sorry."
by v-slurp-cx March 04, 2003
11 22
Slang for Pedophile Xtrordinare. Term used about punk tricks who nail 12 year olds named sara.
Px is a momo.
by havok March 04, 2003
11 22
Short for penix, post examination, principal exchange, and hundreds of other terms to lengthy to list here. Most commonly used as a referrence to something astronomically gay.
Doug: That guy shoving a fire hose into his rectum sure does remind me of px.

Ted: Sure does.
by defz March 05, 2003
7 23
Nickname for Phoenix, Arizona. All these other definitions for "pX" are completely whack. Px is Phoenix, baby.
Px is better than Bx. Phoenix represent!
by jeFFro May 20, 2005
7 26