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a fat yet very alluring female woman. Curvy. Plumper than the average lady,(hence the name) but nonetheless very attractive.
That slightly overweight firl is a plumper... sure i'd fuck her!
by so sayeth the lexicon October 03, 2003
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A term used mainly by FAs and BBW admirers to refer to an attractive and sexy woman who is definitely chubby and curvy. Big in the hips and legs, and usually lerge breasted.
"Man, check out that plumper on the other sidewalk! She's got it all in the right places!"

"Don't set me up on any more blind dates with those scrawny bimbos, Al. Find me a plumper with some brains!"
by BBW chaser September 16, 2004
(adj, porn) Fat woman, preferably with large breats.
Have you seen that new plumper website?
by Anonymous February 20, 2003
1. A partial boner.
2. A slight erection in which the cock becomes plump, as like a boiled hot dog.

"Women claim this state to be the best feeling in their mouths."

"A bit on the chewy side is always good!"
"Hey how about a hot dog Collin...."
"No thanks Scott gave me a plumper a little while ago."

by Tthe Authority November 10, 2007
a website where morbidly obese women show there FUPA's to fat men who eat nothing but mediocre steaks and twice baked potatoes. The fat man who denies ever visting this website cant find his own penis because he is so fat.
Jon denies visiting the plumpers website.
by G-Men December 20, 2006
A woman that is so hot and attractive just based on their body size, they have an ample amount of fat on them are should be worshipped in our society as the ideal body image. They have buxom bodies with large breasts, thighs, hips, stomach, and ass. Typically a large amount of their body jiggles when they walk. While there is no size limit for being a plumper, a girl must have a good amount of fat on her and shouldn't look like she is skipping meals, instead all plumpers should eat sweets and greasy foods in order to maintain or increase their size.
That girl is such a hot plumper, she is pushing 200 pounds.
by fat lover August 11, 2007
a euphemistic word to describe a hog-like woman
Jeebus, Katie is quite the plumper. And Dave fucks that?!?!?
by ttocs May 29, 2004

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