Short for dumpling. Also a pet name for a sweet or perfect girlfriend. Known to have antennae and pork/cabbage filling.
Pling is sleeping, how adorable.
by BigTeeBird November 27, 2009
Top Definition
a type of jewelry identical in appearance to bling but made of plastic. Pling combines the word Plastic with Bling, hence, "pling"
"Hey, Dominic! Nice bling! Is it new?"
"Yeah, it's new, but it's just pling"
by Johnny Cake Road May 22, 2008
The food particles in between your teeth that are removed when flossing.
Kelly was sick and tired of cleaning Molly's pling from the bathroom mirror.
by mbk34 January 30, 2011
Just the bestest most perfect person that you could ever meet - even if she has a green face!
Thats Pling, you can't shoot her!
by Pling January 28, 2004
To fake an injury
Hutch: dislocated shoulder
Sonny-Bill: Mate stop pLinging i know your other shoulder is your bad one
by Dennis Scott October 10, 2003
Expensive body jewelry worn on the male or female genitals.
"My bish got her clit pierced, and got some fat ass pling in dere."
by kr0n November 25, 2003
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