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Used in polite requests, often after being rejected.
Stop being such an ass and fucking be nice and shit, please?
by omg, DUH!! October 26, 2003
6 12
Used in a humourous, non-senseical way at the end of a sentance, with no relevance to what you are saying.
'Thats disgusting...please'

'As the end of johns prison sentance dawned, his frans from the depths of methuen organised a welcome home do, to be situated on 'the mound' with disgustingly stale refreshments.......please'
by gradmeister June 14, 2006
3 11
A really annoying word that foreign people overuse at the end of every sentence and has no actual meaning.
Boss: Hey Greg, can you fax this for me?
Me: Sure.
Boss: Please
Me: Yeah, I said I will do it
Boss: Irrelevant rant about why I need to fax it
Me: okay, sure
Boss: Please
*Me walking away rolling eyes*
by jlfvgjklfjlk September 26, 2005
6 18