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Plump in a pleasant way. Like a plus-size model.
She thinks she's fat and ugly, so I told her she was pleasantly plump. Now she thinks I called her fat and ugly.
by Mike Yarram September 05, 2006
93 26
Not fat but not skinny as vlock
Hey your fat.. jk you are just pleasantly plump like that
by Pleasantly Plump Club November 30, 2004
18 32
above thick,just under obeast
the girl keeps getting bigger now she thinks she is pleasanty plump; Candice Rowland
by dispimpn February 01, 2005
32 50
A euphemism generally, but not solely, reserved for fat women. The term allows overweight people to go on with their daily lives while ignoring the fact that they are unnaturally fat. Often used as a description in personal ads by obese women.
"On Craiglist she described herself as pleasantly plump, but she was actually just a great big fat person."
by dick b January 05, 2007
28 55