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When feeling an intense need of pickles, prescription medicine and masturbation, one is said to be "Anna Nicoling"
Guy 1: Taylor took 3 Prozacs this morning and masturbated all afternoon while eating pickles.

Guy 2: That mofo really knows how to Anna Nicole!
by Franz-Alexis March 23, 2008
(n.) The act of marrying anyone who is greater than three times one's age in order to become the beneficiary of his/her multi-million dollar estate.
You mean that bitch is only 23, and the guy she married was 75 years old? Man, she did the Anna Nicole on that poor old bastard.
by Robert E. Porter March 26, 2007
Anna Nicole is the term used to describe unbelievable hotness and awesomeness. Since Anna and Nicole just mean awesomeness, together they are absolutely amazing.
"wow! she is so hot"
"I know! she is an Anna Nicole!"
by Anna, Nicole April 09, 2007
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