The true meaning of ripoff. People saved up $600, waited in line at the stores OVERNIGHT to get this shit, fighting and pushing and shoving and beatin' the crap out of each other...
...only to find out that the Play station 3s were recalled because some didn't work right.
by D-Miles November 19, 2006
Look up the word shit.
Playstation 3 is too fucking expenice and the games are Medicore.
by PHILRYABKIN July 25, 2009
The worst of the Next-Gen consoles. No Innovation AT ALL (Sony pretty much had to steal everything from Microsoft and Nintendo). An absurd $500-600 price tag. And for what? Alotta shitty games (except for MGS4, I like MGS), and useless technology that people think is cool because it has cool names. In the end will most likely fail because its a piece of junk. Buy a 360 or a Wii instead.
Playstation fanboy: "Hey im gonna buy mes a t3h Playstation 3!!11!!1"
Gamer: "o rly?"
Playstation fanboy: "Yea! Its gonna have t3h mad awesum games and t3h blu-ray!!!!!11!11"
Gamer: "Whats blu-ray?"
Playstation fanboy: "I dunno, but it sounds cool!!!!111"
by guneagle July 06, 2006
The best fucking game system ever! Fuck the Xbox 360. The Xbox 360 is trash! The Playstation 3 is more powerful, faster, looks more expensive, and has better graphics than the Xbox 360. And if you don't agree fuck off! The Playstation 3 can play Ps1 games, Ps2 games, and of course its own games Ps3 games. You can also do more stuff on it too. Sony has the 1st place trophy every year wether you Xbox fans like it or not. Sony is also a better brand than microsoft. Everytime you are in a store, like Best buy or circuit city, they always tell you Sony is the best brand to pick, and for gosh sake people its true! Playstation 3 is newer than the 360 so its way better. So for you people that say the Playstation 3 sucks, shut up because you have never even played it, your just jelious because you can't afford a nice Playstation 3 and you have to stick with a cheap, ugly green and white Xbox 360. Playstation 3's games are awsome, not one Ps3 game has been bad. Playstation 3 just threw the Xbox 360 out of the window. You Xbox lovers are just jealous because your watching your little ugly Xbox 360 get its ass kicked by the big, beautiful, powerful Playstation 3. Fuck Wii, fuck xbox, fuck Xbox 360, Playstation 3 has got it all! Playstation 2 is still better than Xbox's too. PLAYSTATION 3 RULES!!! Play smart, play b3yond, play Playstation 3. Be smart, get a garbage bag, and through away your Xbox 360. PS3 rules!!!!
Playstation 3 is the best and will be the best 4 ever including the other Playstations they make.
by Shelby and Sabrina August 03, 2007
Something that needs to die a slow, painful death. Hopefully will cause the downfall of Sony Computer Entertainment.
Maybe Ken Kutaragi secretly wants to sink the Playstation 3's ungodly-expensive-for-a-home-console ship? I think I'll buy a Wii and set it next to my 360. Two consoles for the price of one and a game? Who'd a thunk it?
by someone named everyman June 25, 2006
Most powerful console ever made. Double the power of xbrick 360.
Bob: Watching tv?
Moe: No that's PS3 graphics!
by Donn June 24, 2005
A game console which will probably have good graphics and games and ill probably buy it, an Xbox 360, and a Nintendo Revolution. The only thing is that it looks very creepy... The controller handles are about 5 inches long and the actual console is like a big piece of thick, silver cardboard.
I'm most likely going to get a Playstation 3.
by Chase May 28, 2005

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