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A cheating guy. Characteristics?
1. great at making girls fall for him; also at breaking hearts.
2. Moves from girl to girl
3. is never 100% faithful.
4. once a player always a player
5. talks to other girls while saying hes 'in love' with you and tells them the same thing
6. never know when to stop and cant realize whta they have
7. Usually attractive but dont let the pretty face fool you, hes ugly inside.
8. he will NEVER learn don't listen to him when he tries to get you back in his 'collection'
9. No matter how he looks at you orwhat he says or anything else says, you aren't any different from the dozens or other girls hes talked to.
10. he probably will not ackowledge you in person but will make up anexcuse for it later through text
If love isn't a game why are there so many Players (s)?
by A.L.L.People December 02, 2011
refers to a person who can get anything, do anything, but cant commit to something.
Hugh Hefner (he only says he is married so you think this ultimate player is not one)
by AKANotThatGuy August 05, 2011
Should not be confused with walking sti or manwhore, which are two completely different definitions. A player, or playa is used to usually describe a specimen of the male species with an increased knowledge and experience of interactions with the female species. The key difference between a player and the other two terms is that a player uses their charms and experiences to establish more positive relationships with his victims. This individual is revered by his fellow males and sometimes fought over by women. While he may have more female friends than the average man, the player is the most positive influence out of the three, as he seeks quality over quantity. Can actually have a steady girlfriend with many female friends (friends only, no "benefits" included).
G2: I know, isn't he hot.....he's such a player. I wish he weren't already taken.
by nmns December 04, 2007
Definition: PLAYER
A male who is skilled at manipulating ("playing") others, and especially at seducing women by pretending to care about them. Pursuing multiple women at one time a serial dater or for hook ups. He is very proficient at spinning lies to his own advantage. He is socially inadequate in relationships commonly due to a precursor of negative childhood manifestations. He is emotionally challenged.
Their behavior can be linked to their actual love for one that does not love them equally in their past.
The gossip going around was that he was a "PLAYER" sexually and or emotionally. The gossip was true! He played girls and their girlfriends with disregard for their friendships leaving a wake of pain in his path.
by worddef June 29, 2012
a guy who uses girl,tells them lies and makes them fall in love with them,but really doesn't love them at all and is dating a different girl cheating on them,and making fun of her to his friends then when the "relationship" ends he makes fun of her and embarrasses her about the whole thing
john:man i can't believe how rodney used lidia like that mike:yea he's a player now everytime i see her shes crying
by sexy chick;) August 18, 2010
Emotionally messed up guys, that have been really fucked over by thier ex wives... and think that by being a player, and breaking girls hearts that fall for them they are hurting thier ex. aslo see PATHETIC
Ever since his divorce he's been a player
by beenplayed July 17, 2004
A male who women say they hate but in reality they really like them because that is how they get their sexual fulfillment. Since they get their fulfillment this way they don't have to return the favor with other males since the players keep them fulfilled. This is especially true of women in their 20's who are not ready to commit.
Sally: George is one of the players. I tell people I hate his type, but not really. Pam: Are you going to head out on the town tonight?
by Pat_F October 01, 2013