Someone who is not popular, nor tries to be. Satisfied with where they stand in the social triangle.
She's not popular, but she doesn't try to be. She's a plate.
by Farahirah December 04, 2011
noun plate: a person with rather wide and short male genetalia
verb to plate: what a plate likes to do with his 'plate' (if you catch me drift ;) )
'he was tunneling into you like thunderbird four with his plate!!!!'
'what a PLATE!!!'
by Julia Reynolds March 10, 2007
Term used in the gym to indicate a 45-pound weight, used on an olympic barbell. Additionally, the term plate can be used to indicate another weight, when preceded by the number.
Ex1: Im benching 315 now! That's three plates on each side! ( 6x45 + 45 lb. bar )

Ex2: I bought a couple of 25 lb. plates for my home gym.
by Travis M. June 16, 2006
To Plate : to record a photograph on any medium. From historical use of cut to size glass plates as a substrate or carrier medium for light sensitive emulsion.
"Let's plate this face and get outa this place"
by William Neumann January 18, 2004
Origin: Ocean City, Maryland
Feeling of content or another word for lit, cool, awesome. That feeling when you're sitting at a restaurant and your plate of food comes.
Bro come to this party, it's gonna be hella plate!
That picture looks hella plate 🔥
by joshniggafiz June 12, 2016
Money, from Spanish 'plata' ( silver or money). Also, anything valuable.
Man, I'm flat. First mark I see, I'm takin plate.
by anarcissie April 23, 2011
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