to pop like a poppy seed, or, the act of
When your cells get attacked by viruses some of them try to plaps.

Don't make me plaps you.
by wburglett November 13, 2006
Top Definition
a big backside; junk in da trunk
yo, j'lo got mad plaps.
by cbizzle October 13, 2004
P) Pronunciation Key (p-LAP) v. The act of killing in a virtual sense. "To plap", "Johnny was plapped", "I'll plap you", or the more common "Plap?". Often used in a derogatory sense, n|Soul is no good at it.
by Christos October 23, 2003
Is a Swedish word and is short for Pung-Längre-Än-Penis witch in English means Scrotum-Longer-Then-Penis.
It was cold outside so my penis shrank and i got PLÄP.
by nissenice September 03, 2010
The sound that a slice of baloney makes when it's thrown at a person.
When they threw the slice of baloney at the naked woman, it made a sound like "plap".
by er_uh_ September 05, 2013
A slap to the face using the pennis, done in either a playful manner or as a prank on a sleeping or inebriated friend.

The contraction of Pennis and Slap, derrived from the french Biffle.

past participle: Plapped
She said it wasn't very big so I gave her a plap.

Girl: whats a plap?
Man: Here I'll show you.
man: you've been plapped
by Mr.J. Bravo January 11, 2011
Verb. to plap.
The act of falling in a hilarious manner, usually involving mud or faeces. The object can fall onto their elbows, knees, or even their entire body.
Abi plapped in the mud onto her elbows, and has not lived it down since.
by cobbyfan April 08, 2011
To have sex with; to fuck.
Me: Bro, are you about to go plap your girl?
Bro: Yeah we plap every night.
by Waka Flocka BOW BOW BOW May 01, 2011
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