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Not visually appealing to extent of eliciting a sigh
Some degree of trepidation it takes to be fond of unsighly snakes of various makes; some unfrozen water's left in the pond concealed as fakes by ice & flakes. Some residue precariously remained when trading joy for distress; some anonymous are found amongst those named and some wakefulness despite weariness. Some degree of pain results in spiritual gain and warmth, youth & vigour are cradled by old & cold; in repetition again obscure realises main reminiscent of many tales told. Some sun still hides behind thunder so loud as not one, but many in sorrow opt for shroud; some lucidness is in sleep & weariness in awake as equal in importance as make & break. Some shapes materialise in straight line bend and some restful truth evades lying; some stangers are but yet an unmet friend as here, there & everywhere life's left despite dying.
by Hercolena Oliver June 15, 2010
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