a vicious hand movement where the victim gets punch slapped. Can be violent, but not recommended without health insurance or to be practiced by the elderly.
Yeah, man if you don't shut the fuck up I'm gonna plap ya one.
by bread infection November 25, 2009
Piss like a pro
Josie pissed into dans mouth, plap
by dannyallott September 12, 2010
acronym for "people laughing at people"
when their opponents fell the coach had plap
by ex_92 September 29, 2009
Plap - is to be used as a shorter version of penis-slap. This word as far as i know was developed by me and a few friends in a fast food restaurant sometime around Jan 04. The word plap was spread quickly around town as well as wherever we traveled.
"He just whipped it out and plapped my leg."
by Geoff January 14, 2005
The sound generated from a pair of breasts colliding - "Plap!"
Dude, check-out the plaps on this chick!

As she jogged through the park carelessly and without support, the plap-plapping of her sof breasts excited her in a way she never felt before...
by CorkyBobbler March 30, 2009
When someone slaps a girl in the punani (vagina)

"im going to plap you!" -

"please no! it tingles!" -
by D..S. November 26, 2008
n. cum

v. to ejaculate
"yeah, so this one time i plapped in my own eye"
by yermum March 27, 2007
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