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Gari, aka Hari, is the name given to any human remotely resembling a garden gnome. Common features of a Hari are prominent teeth, dirty panties and opinions that rarely affect the outcome of any situation. Recent investigations have shown another diagnostic feature of a Gari to be his commonly used phrase... 'here, drink this'. Gari's are often prevalent in areas of dense garden foliage, outside cinema toilets brandishing a lethal pair of soiled underwear and occasionally peering through the gates of playgrounds.
"Ahhh man...i think i just Gari'd my pants"

"I really feel like honking someone...anyone up for a Gari?"

"Welcome to Hari's House of Men!"

"Hey guys...my garden is really boring....is there anything i can buy to liven it up?"
"Buy a Gari!"

"Stupid Gari!"
by Gift2Women August 25, 2009
Small and Elf like
Yo Yo u aint Lord of da rings, you just GARI
by Chris Powell August 10, 2003
Small and Clumsy
That brother is gari
by Da Warran August 09, 2003