the last resort for birth control

plan a. condom
plan b. morning after
plan c. coat hanger, knitting needle
"rubber broke and she wouldn't do morning after, so i used Plan C while she was asleep"
by norman bates' soda missiles January 14, 2007
Top Definition
In unplanned and unwanted pregnancies, If the condom breaks and she doesn't have a "Plan B" morning after pill, there is another option before debating abortion or carrying a fetus to term -- a quick punch to the abdomen.
I don't know how it happened, but I knocked her up. She's one of those devout Catholics, so abortion was off the table. I'm 19... I'm not ready to be a dad, and she shouldn't drop out of college -- so I turned to Plan C. I said "Baby, I love you so much!" and when she leaned in for a kiss I gave her a strong jab right into the gut.

We're not dating anymore, and her tits were perfect...but that miscarriage was the best thing that ever happened to me.
by Michael Tyson March 19, 2008
A Plan C basically involves systematically killing every living thing in the general area. Doing so will allow you to loot area and its dead residents for a fair amount of income. Generally a quite difficult action, it is best if you are some what skilled before attempting a Plan C. REMEMBER: Plan C is not about killing everone, its about killing everyone so you can take all their stuff after.
i saved the town from the raider attacks so that i could Plan C the town myself and take all their shit.
by ┬┐SevenStar? February 28, 2009
A plastic Manc: idiots from the south of England who pretend to have some relationship with Manchester, and more specifically, Manchester United FC.
"Yeah, I've always supported Man United cos my great grandfather's aunty's next door neighbour had a cat that strayed to Manchester".

"Shut up Andy, you planc",
by bumchutney April 16, 2015
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