1. Undisturbed by tumult or disorder; calm or quiet.

2. Satisfied; complacent

3. not easily irritated

4. without untoward incident or disruption
1 - "a placid existence"

2 - "not everyone shared his placid temperament"
by yoimfromtokyo March 01, 2004
A word that describes a feeling, state, or a person. It means extremely awesome, very chill, and ridiculously cool. Two people in this world are the most placid people on this earth.
"Ayyyyyy bruh I just smoked some weed."
"Yee bruh I'm feelin hella placid."

"We're so placid were gonna make everyone drown in placidness."
"I know we just radiate placidness when were together."
by Hellllllaplacid October 06, 2013

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