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hooking up with someone shortly after being dumped (by someone else) so that you still feel wanted.
I know she's on rebound, but that's the third guy she's hooked up with this week!
by Rasputin December 17, 2004
One of the best bands in the world, with headman conor oberst, the singer of bright eyes. Desaparecidos uses more guitars and is faster/louder than bright eyes. The songs aren't about emotions, like in bright eyes, but more about political rants. Desaparecidos takes a spin on faux patriotism, and the crappy epidemic that is the current music industry.
desaparecidos >>> you
by Rasputin March 30, 2003
a psudo-anagram of "PSL," or Port St. Lucie, a urban-sprawl town in East Central Florida. Local residents evolved the term "pizzle" from saying the letters PSL, when refering to their town.
I'm driving back to the Pizzle for Christmas.
I heard that psycho-bitch is from the Pizzle.
by Rasputin June 25, 2004
a girl who hooks up with you while on rebound and makes you think she cares about you, but it turns out she was just a whore-swaggler.
I tried calling her for three days after we hooked up, but she never answered. I guess she was a whore-swaggler.
by Rasputin December 17, 2004
Semen found in an airline toilet
"Fuck, i just sat in airline Paste"
by rasputin July 17, 2003
A girl who will fuck for a place to sleep that night.
"She's a dirty squat mattress."
by Rasputin August 24, 2003
a reallt cool peice of clothind. It has a few disadvantages
1) Cant wear it in public
2) smells when wet
3) gets really hot and smelly
but "cool" none the less
wow look at your cool blazer Alan Elsey
by Rasputin May 18, 2003

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