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Pumpkin Spiced Latte. The most delicious treat of fall.
I got a speeding ticket and was bawling my eyes out but its okay now, I'm drinking a PSL.
#autumnal #waitingallyear #makesmehappy #starbucksisdabomb #yumm
by eeeee17 November 14, 2013
Pussy Suckin Lips
Damn he got some good psl's.
by Kiaratay May 22, 2004
An acronym for "Private Storyline". This is usually used when a person from a role play community asks if you would like to take the two characters you currently play into a premise outside of that set by the community.

Or, when you find someone who also role plays and you want to do a storyline just including the two of you.
1 : You wanna do something different? This com's getting pretty boring.
2 : PSL?

1 : Hey you rp! Wanna do a PSL?
by love_nothing June 10, 2005
"Pussy Sucking Lips"- the male equivalent to DSL's (dick sucking lips); When a handsome younger man has big lips
-Oh damn look at the lips on him
-Yeah girl he's got some PSL's
#dsl #pussy #blow job #sex #eat out
by nodiamonds4lucy June 06, 2010
The abbreviated term form the city of Port Saint Lucie, FL.
Located in South Florida, it is a growing city with nothing much to do but go to the movies or mall. Most neighborhoods are filled with many woods, and there are many canals as well.
Also known as, "the Pizzle"
Wow, PSL is so boring, I can't wait to move out!
#port saint lucie #port st lucie #psl #the pizzle #florida #772
by aybaybay:) February 28, 2009
Pumpkin Spice Latte
-What are you drinking?

-A venti PSL with an add shot.

-What? Starbucks has PSL's again? I need to get one asap.
#pumpkin #coffee #starbucks #fall #pumpkin spice
by EF5214 September 27, 2014
Any man or woman (depending on sexual preference) blessed with beautifully shaped lips carved by the gods themselves sorely for the purpose of performing cunnilingus.
PSLs: Pussy Sucking Lips
it's helps if you have a little bit of Native American blood in ya
i was talking to this man named Bradford the other day and i noticed he had beautiful PSLs, i got wet just looking at them.
#pussy #smack mouth #cunnilingus #bubba gump #angelina jolie
by Mind Machine July 15, 2009
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