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The feeling you get when someone whips out their Blackberry aka crackberry or cell phone and begins having a conversation with someone. It's a cross between pissed off and puzzled.
I was pizzled the other night when my husband started talking on his Crackberry at the dinner table.
by Nic1010 February 17, 2006
Driving while leaning back or leaning to the side on the driver's side door or the other way, toward the center console. Only one hand on the wheel, most likely you're left, because your right hand will be changing the radio stations. Also known as sittin sidewayz.
Hey, get your lean on while you drive down the highway listening to Biggie Smalls.
I was driving down the highway gettin my lean on while listening to Biggie Smalls.
by Nic1010 February 17, 2006

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