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Small town in McKean County. Really small with a population of somewhere around 860. 99% of the population is white with the rest being mostly Native American. More than a third of the population is less than 24 years old. Everyone knows everyone in Eldred. If someone is racing on the interstate and gets his license taken, the whole town knows about it by the next morning. Drunk nights and poker parties are held every other night. Small town, big drama. The local outdoor icecream shops are the usual hang out spots during the afternoon. The highschool is fused with the neighboring town's as the otto-eldred highschool. Show choir is apparently taken very seriously here.
"Who's that asian with Amber? In Eldred?!"
by Youngmahn Moon May 16, 2006
The most handsome guy in the world, smart, respectful, kind, humble, loyal.
who ever marries an Eldred is one lucky woman!
by forgetmedarlingnot April 12, 2013
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