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Pixelation happens when an image displayed on a monitor (TV, VGA, LCD, etc...) is stretched beyond its intended resolution, this causes the individual pixels themselves to be enlarged, making the image look blocky and generally bad.
I got this porn MPG on my computer, it was 320x240 so when I put it in full screen, it got so pixelated I couldn't see it well enough to get hard.
by sextypething November 25, 2003
v. To get stoned, drunk or other wise faded or keyed.
Me and the buds got so pixelated last night. We were totally keyed.
by Bob Xor December 15, 2003
To find an image on internet and to convert it to raw pixels. It looks sort of arty
Look at this picture of cheese, i might Pixelate it.
by LaughingBoy November 25, 2003
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