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5 definitions by bluecomplex

A generic term for a female who falls within the late teens to twenty-something age range and therefore cannot be comfortably described as a girl, nor a woman.

Often used to avoid such words as: bird, chick, babe, lady, or young woman.
Did you see that pixel? She was adequately attractive.
by bluecomplex March 01, 2010
71 24
A female who is surprising attractive.
"Whoa, she is total hot city."
by bluecomplex March 01, 2010
27 1
1. A cigarette that does not have any kind of added substance to the tobacco, such as cannabis.

2. A casual insult, that suggests subtle inferiority.

Pronounced: Fray-shen or Fray-shon depending on personal preference or regional accent.

Sometimes spelt "fration"
"-Man, do you have any weed left?"
"-No, just frasions."

"You're a damn frasion."
by bluecomplex March 01, 2010
25 2
An object or person of significant aesthetic appeal.

Sometimes typed as "smurfbox" or "smurf-box".
"That girl is total smurf box."
by bluecomplex March 01, 2010
27 8
The continuing series of events that effect the outcome of your luck or fortune.

The phrase originates from the dependency on public transport, for instance how being late for the bus can trigger multiple events that messes up the whole day. However, this term is not exclusive to transport issues and can be used for any other circumstance.

Good bus physics is when everything runs smoothly and goes to plan.
"A woman cut in front of me in line earlier, which meant I was late for the train, which meant I was late for work, WHICH MEANT I GOT FIRE. That woman totally messed up my bus physics!"
by bluecomplex March 01, 2010
29 20