stems from pity sex or sex with someone you don't consider to be of the same caliber as yourself. to have sex with someone.
i'd have pity on your mom for like two and a half minutes. i don't want to brag maybe three. okay, at least five if i was thinking about baseball.

by Andy Trevvits December 03, 2007
Top Definition
what you have when you feel sorry for someone and want to do something good for them.
I pity him so i walked over to him and talked to him
by askdhksadh May 20, 2007
The chief export of Mr. T.
Me:I made out with a fat chick.
Mr.T:I pity the fool
Me: points at self
Mr.T:Nods head
by Jobez June 23, 2006
Something the strong offer the weak due to some internal feeling of sorrow or sadness for them. However totally unnecessary and should be given to noone.
Pity should be given to noone
To be sad for. To... Ummm.... Pity..... To sympathize for you....
Pity: something I don't need. Nor should you give it to me.

Pity: I fell of my bed today...

She pity the floor.
by Once in a lifetime May 24, 2015
Men. Usally named Everette. Are young. In there teens.
Pity: A young boy Sometimes they even wear casts on their legs when their legs are perfectly fine :)
by Kaylen Heffner December 13, 2010
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