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what you have when you feel sorry for someone and want to do something good for them.
I pity him so i walked over to him and talked to him
by askdhksadh May 20, 2007
the period of your life from around 3 to 12 years of age. In this time of your life you are extremely sensitive to the negative and positive around you. A bad look can traumatize you and a kind gesture can make you fall in love.

If you watch the movie chuckie when your 5 you'll have nightmares about it for a long time. then when you watch it again and your 14 you'll be like wtf was i so scared of.

The best childhoods are ones where kids are spoiled with love and quality attention, not money.

Not everyone has a good one. They say people spend their adult lives correcting their childhoods.

People usually go on to give their kids everything they didnt have in their childhoods.
I was never told i was pretty in my childhood, so i tell my daughter shes gorgeous every day. not knowing this is actually not a good thing. Nothing is good in excess.
by askdhksadh May 20, 2007

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