To ramble about off-topic subjects during sales calls, offering vague answers that require others to jump in and frieburger the situation before it gets out of hand.
"Man, I just wanted an answer, but that guy pitted me for about 10 minutes."
by Dick Editor February 15, 2007
verb: the combination of peeing and shitting.
Shoot, I just pitted my pants.
by ratstail44345879 August 05, 2008
To have sex, get high, and get drunk in the same night and have a great time.
This weekend, im about to get soo pitted. Im gonna go drink, and smoke an L with my boys, then fuck some bitch real hard.
by DonnyHuntNovak December 12, 2007
a way of dying in surfing as surfers would say but really its when your so completely oblivious to life you surf over any other sport


i mean when your gay
Normal person: "Hey evan want to get pitted?"

Evan(Aka surfer bro):"Fuck ya!!!!!!!!!!!!?!!!!!!?!?!?!??!?!"
by Esc Silly MisterMgoo August 05, 2010

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