he pitched a tent when he heard i gave someone a blowjob
boner woody pitching a tent
by Amy Dillbutt September 23, 2007
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Top Definition
The art of lifting the material of your pants covering the groin using only body parts below the waist.
Johnny was pitching a tent when he was watching porn.
by Anonymous February 11, 2003
He pitched a tent when the hot girl walked by
by Your Mom's Box July 13, 2003
When you get an Erection in a public place it looks kind of like a Tipi.
Sitting at the Pool I began pitching a tent watching all the hot ass.
by tent picther April 05, 2010
This my children is code name for i got a boner.The word is used to discribe the way pants go up looking like a tent when you get a boner.
I was looking at porn the other day and i started pitching a tent
by {JLS} June 07, 2009
What Sherman did after he hooked up with Ashley in the movies
The pants area around his groin rises by something underneath(dick).
by Matt May 29, 2003
What Sherman did after he saw Ms.Spall walking down the hall calling his name.
Sherman's Captin hook came alive after ms.spall called his name.
by Andrew Miller June 05, 2003

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