he pitched a tent when he heard i gave someone a blowjob
boner woody pitching a tent
by Amy Dillbutt September 23, 2007
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The art of lifting the material of your pants covering the groin using only body parts below the waist.
Johnny was pitching a tent when he was watching porn.
by Anonymous February 11, 2003
He pitched a tent when the hot girl walked by
by Your Mom's Box July 13, 2003
When you get an Erection in a public place it looks kind of like a Tipi.
Sitting at the Pool I began pitching a tent watching all the hot ass.
by tent picther April 05, 2010
This my children is code name for i got a boner.The word is used to discribe the way pants go up looking like a tent when you get a boner.
I was looking at porn the other day and i started pitching a tent
by {JLS} June 07, 2009
See Omar-the-tent-maker.
Reverend Leroy wished he'd worn his vestment as he popped a Woodrow and began pitching a tent while he preached a sermon on the evils of homosexuality to the assembled congregation.
by harry flashman July 16, 2003
this is when keith got dawged by Allee in the movies(it rose)and wat i was told was limped..
Allee sat next to Keith and he Pitched a tent.
by MaTt D. June 09, 2003

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