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Skimmer is a guy who "rides the top of the crest" during sex! Skimming is just bouncing off a partner's 'rear-end', quick insertion, then pulling out, leaving the sodomized partner feeling rather hungry for alot more.
"That dude made me want more and more of the sauce, but he wasn't very deep, just another skimmer"
by Princess Peussie March 22, 2005
blow job, oral sex
My husband asked me to wake him up with a skimmer.
by blahblahginger March 29, 2007
The act of Avoiding bodily contact, usually with the intent to hurt
Sensei Skimmered away as Zanderif tried to tackle her
by Zanderif March 28, 2005
Navy slang for a sailors stationed on board surface ships, as opposed to submarines. Opposite of bubblehead.
Bubbleheads consider skimmers to be targets that just haven't been sunk yet.
by Ben Shofner October 14, 2005
Someone who posts to a web forum thread without bothering to read the rest of the thread, resulting in a message that is either redundant or fails to comply with instructions.
Someone already posted that, you filthy skimmer!
by QS September 28, 2007
When a famous person sucks on your nipple. Must be famous, like movie famous, and cannot flick or simply lick nipple. Must be a full suckle. Does not constitute cheating outside of marriage.
Christian Slater showed up last night drunk with self-love, and gave me a skimmer. I didn't mind.
by OverHeard101 December 03, 2009
the coolest person u'll ever meet. one whom the ecsense of skimboarding can be smelt. they live to skim (only the coolest sport in the world)
look at that crazy skimmer on the pipe
by kathryn March 12, 2005
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