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Neatly trimmed vaginal hair approximately 1cm in width, barley covering her modesty. The name is taken from the thin strip of 'beard' as worn by Robert Pires of Arsenal.
"I went down on this girl last night."

"Mott like a wich's cat?"

"No, very nice, a little Pires."
by The Strut September 30, 2004
simply the most amazing, good looking, intellegent and , genrally, the best family to ever exist.
a member of the pires family is unrivalled in brilliance by anything to ever exist. including god.
man look at that guy , hes just so cool , how does he do it?
.........ah, he must be a pires!
by the voice August 12, 2004
being very sly during a daily basis
Pires was very sly today.
by keeeyahhh man May 09, 2008
Someone who cares about themselves and their reputation way too much, especially their physical appearance.
(A) Dude, stop being a pire, just admit to her that you watched 2 girls 1 cup, she won't think your a loser.
(B) Yeah she will, she'll think I'm a freak, I'll never get laid by her!
(A) DUDE shes fuckin ugly!
by Amer23 May 01, 2008
The word 'pire or Pire is another name for a vampire. Easy right? (Hipsters are fond of this word..They knew it before we did.)
Dude: "Man is that what I think it is?" Other dude: "Whatcha think it is??" Dude: "A 'Pire?" Other dude: "No way bro!! It's only one of those skanks from that band...umm One direction?..Yeah that's it!" Dude: "Oh lol their faces are funny." Other: "Pretty much."
by ThevampiregirlLolita March 22, 2013
a religious, male whore. has a girlfriend but sleeps with other girls because his girlfriends are oblivious and easy
"man, that guy is such a pires he slept with the entire church!"
by lisa montago September 18, 2006
A CLOWN of the highest order. A 'pires' sleeps in his own mess and enjoys fucking goats.
Oi Pires. stop sleeping in your own mess and fucking that goat you fanny!
by Chappers February 12, 2004
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