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Sexual Intercourse; To throw your salami into a hopefully acceptable orifice.
Friend 1: Hey look at that hot chick over at the bar.

Friend 2: That's easy money man. I gave her the tubesteak shuffle last week.
#sex #steak #fucking #funny #shuffle
by TastesLikeLemons57 June 14, 2010
Widening of the vagina via insertion and reinsertion of the penis.
It was a pretty tight fit at the start, but after a couple minutes of pink excavation it felt like home sweet home.
#sex #fucking #fuck #hump #virgin
by TastesLikeLemons57 August 10, 2010
To do something with extreme accuracy and efficiency while making it look easy.
Friend 1: How'd that test go?

Friend 2: PIPED IT!

Friend 1: So did she actually let you come home with her?

Friend 2: PIPED IT!
#fuck #sex #awesome #chicks #complete
by TastesLikeLemons57 November 27, 2010
ejaculating in the vagina of someone's woman
Friend 1: Hey man I just saw Steve heading up to your girlfriend's place.

Friend 2: O don't worry about it. It's cool, they're just good friends and have a class together.

Friend 1: Yeah right. I'd put money on it that he's splashin' in your avenue
#sex #cheating #women #whore #street #avenue #splash #water #cum
by TastesLikeLemons57 September 13, 2011
Slur for Polenta.
Hey Mom! What's for dinner?

We're having Polenta and Veggies!

Guinea Grits again... shit
#italian #guinea #grits #food #pussylips
by TastesLikeLemons57 August 16, 2011
The act of hoping and wishing that the girl you want to have sex with actually will.. soon

(The worst pussy trap, is when you aren't getting pussy)
Keeping My/Your Balls Crossed

Friend: "So what's the deal with that girl you've been spending all your time on? Did you get laid yet or what?"

Response: "No not yet, but I'm keeping my balls crossed."


Guy 1: "O man, I can't wait for Miranda Kerr to get divorced from Orlando Bloom so I can finally get a shot at her."

Guy 2: "I wouldn't keep your balls crossed on that one."
#balls #sex #wait #hope #fuck
by TastesLikeLemons57 February 06, 2011
No matter the circumstances or persons involved.. someone is getting fisted and they can't control it.
Friend 1: These college loans are killing me.

Friend 2: We all are, one size fists all man.

Friend 1: The cops just raided the bar and now there are no girls here.

Friend 2: There are some pretty big girls here, come over man. One size fists all!!
#fist #fuck #size #all #one #fits #life #lesson
by TastesLikeLemons57 October 17, 2011
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