The most badass horror villain of all time, he can ruin anybodys shit, even McCleod cant kill pinhead. Nobody will ever kill him.
Nobody can kill Pinhead.....except for channard...but lets not talk about channard...
by Cheesebadger January 09, 2005
Old slang term for pinstripers, practitioners of the old art of pinstriping.

Pinstriping is most often practiced and painted upon hot rods and motorcycles, Pinheads however paint pinstripes on anything they think will look cool with pinstripes, such as Zippo Lighters, coffee cans, old whiskey bottles, and the namesake piece of art, bowling pins (Cool huh?)

Pinheads often gather together and participate in Panel Jams, where Pinheads bring their stripe box and some Plexiglas to pinstripe works of art and trade with their fellow stripers. One of the more well known ones takes place in the middle of March called the Ratfink Reunion, which is located in Manti, UT every year.

Some of the more well known Pinheads include (but are not limited to!) Herb "The Line Doctor" Martinez (arguably the most well known pinhead), Tommy "The Greek" Hrones, Dean Jeffries, Steve Kafka, Von Dutch, Hot Rod, Morkel Snorkel, Tommy "Itchy" Otis, Peter "Preacher" McDermott, Bob Spena (Apprentice to Von Dutch), John Kosmoski (Founder of House of Kolor), Craig Frasier (Inventor of the Slash Stripe), Enamel, Bobbo Dunn (Innovator of the curly type pinstriping technique), Willis Dormer, Jimmy C., Coop, and the Legendary Beam Brothers (Innovators of the Fresno Stripe).

It is unknown who coined the term, though it is agreed that it first appeared in the mid 70's.
Hey guys, did you see all those pinheads at the rod show last night?

Hey Jason, you're a pinhead right? They're having a panel jam downtown at the shop tonight.
by Doubleback Pinstriping February 05, 2012
A person who likes to show off their pin collection on their hat or cap.
When I was at the Summer Olympics at Beijing last summer I saw at the pin trading stand a pinhead trading pins with another person.
by bigg3469 March 24, 2009
an oldstyle sail (circa 1975-1990) in windsurfing that has a pointy top. newer sails have battens that move the trailing edge of the sail away from the mast, and increase the angle that it makes at the tip of the sail.
"are you still sailing with that pinhead sail?"
by jim gossage May 23, 2008
A pinhead is a persons penis which is thinner then their middle finger and longer then their neck.
I was with him last night, but i rejected him because he has a Pinhead.
by Too many laughs December 14, 2010
A pinhead is someone who comes from the north of Devon, England, who scrounges off everyone and has no survival instincts.
Look at that pinhead! He needs to sort his life out!
by Trixey Smith August 10, 2009
A Democrat who knows their shit. Though when invited to appear on The O'Reilly factor, their microphone tends to be cut off within the first two minutes.
O'Reilly: Oh, so you got evidence to prove Fox News was wrong on 9 million accounts? Well then, you have the last word, go.

Democrat: Okay, on the 21st of January you mentioned -

O'Reilly (eyes expanding): - OKAY, CUT THE MIC! CUT IT!

O'Reilly (calming down): Those pinheads really are hatfeul. But, at Fox News since we are 'fair and balanced' we have to give them their say. It's hard being fair. (smiles)
by oplunu February 26, 2009

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